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What is Flammkuchen?

Flammkuchen is composed of bread dough rolled out very thin in the shape of a rectangle, which is covered with sour cream, thinly sliced onion, bacon, cheese and Frieda's unique spices. It is one of the most famous specialities in regions of Germany and France.

In German it is called Flammkuchen, which means "Flame Cake"; or in French tarte flambée, which translates as "Pie baked in the flames";.

Over the generations many versions of this traditional dish have developed.
Where is it

Flammkuchen originates from the Black Forest region in southern Germany and Alsace, a northern part of France.

The Black Forest is famous for the traditional "BOLLENHUT"; – a red Pom Pom hat – as worn by Frieda.
Where can you
find us?

At Frieda's we specialize in festivals, markets and also provide catering for private and corporate functions.

Check out our events calender to find out where we are next.

Keep an eye out for the original BOLLENHUT!
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Markets and Festivals

Frieda's Original Flammkuchen

Delicious sour cream, garlic, onions, speck (Bacon) and cheese.

Frieda's Sweet Flammkuchen

Delicious sour cream, freshly sliced apples, sugar and cinnamon.

Frieda's Veggie Flammkuchen

Delicious sour cream, garlic, onions, fresh mushrooms, leek and cheese.







Catering and Corporate Events

Other German specialities we can offer for your event

  • Frieda's Currywurst with Frieda's own       homemade currysauce.
  • Frieda's Fleischrolls
  • Frieda's waffles with whipped cream and       cherries
  • Frieda's Black Forest cake

  • How does it work

    Call us on

    0418 385 701

    Choose your specialities
    Receive a quote per head
    Give us an outdoor space ideally 6 x 3m

    Get Frieda in the HAUS!

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    Oma Frieda

    Frieda is the inspiration behind "Frieda's Flammkuchen." My German Oma's secret receipes are the foundation of the food, lovingly prepared by our family owned business.

    In keeping these German specialities alive, we decided to introduce Australia to the delicious food from the Black Forest. What can I say - People love it!

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